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Where can I be after StoaMBA?

Learners at Stoa School


Average increase in salary


Average salary after Stoa

Ankit saw a 3x salary jump post Stoa's Cohort 1.
Read his story
Shobhit is now a product marketer at Tekie
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Shraddha joined the founding team at Raise
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Fast growing startups hire from Stoa.

Get placed at 70+ companies for marketing, product and operations roles.

Supercharge your career in 6 months

Join high growth, fast paced teams
See the impact of your work quickly
Build a network that never sleeps

Ready to fly?

Develop Competence

We get what your management is looking for in their future leaders. You'll graduate Stoa with demonstrable proof that you can solve complex business problems across your company.

Build Confidence

Stoa moulds folks into being confident business leaders who can break down jargon, command the attention of the room and get their point across. Put an end to that imposter syndrome.

Get Clarity

There is too much FOMO out there and everybody wants to be a product manager. Get clarity through coaching, mentoring and peer support to find the right role for you.
60+ Live Classes on Business Foundations

See through the jargon.

Business isn't academic, and the world doesn't play by fixed rules.

At Stoa, you get a glimpse into how the best in the game make decisions under uncertainty. Be it timeless lessons or hacks that were invented yesterday, Stoans pick up the rules of the game from top founders and executives who've played the game, not academic faculty.

The frameworks, mental models and leadership skills you learn here will help you navigate the complexity of the real world.
18 Business Sprints on Essential Generalist Skills

Be the best in the game.

From business writing to verbal communication, from fundamentals of marketing to fundamentals of finance and operations, we make sure that you have all the bases covered as a business generalist.

Our sprints across venture creation, product management, business strategy, leadership, brand management and data analytics leave you with a toolkit which helps you navigate the complexities of a fast changing world and be the best in your team.
Solve 6 Real World Problems for Startups

Make decisions under pressure.

You walk into work every morning and it's like a fire hose of decisions that need to be made, often without enough information. How do you go into an ambiguous situation and get to the bottom of it?

On case weekends, you get 24 hours to work with your team to crack problems that startups out there are currently facing. Work through different opinions, different considerations, and rich perspectives to decide on the course of action that the company ought to take.

Working with colleagues across industries, functions, geographies and seniority levels is sure to change your worldview.
ICF Certified Coaches & Industry Mentors

Figure yourself out.

At Stoa, we believe that unless you master yourself, you can't master reality. And unless you don't master reality, it is hard to win in the world of business and value creation.

Figuring yourself out on your own is hard. Your friends, family and colleagues aren't incentivised to give you the hard feedback that you need to hear. This is where we step in.

Stoans get an opportunity to work with ICF Certified professional coaches and industry mentors who lead teams and businesses. Coaches prod you with the right questions, helping you think at a strategic level while mentors help you be ahead of the game at a very tactical level.
Buzzing Community of 300+ Alumni

Be where the action is.

When you're in a room with rising stars from different backgrounds, every conversation is pregnant with possibility, every event promises serendipity, and every collaboration offers you a chance to discover the real value you bring to the table.

The raw ambition in here is contagious. To add to it, the relationships, credibility and trust you earn within this community will root you for a lifetime of growth.

Our learners work at top MNCs and startups in India
Resume and Interview Prep + Job Referrals

Leap ahead without fear.

Career transitions are often anxiety-filled. You want to be in a better place, moving towards your eventual goal but there's little certainty and a lot of inertia.

No matter what your ambitious career goal, our coaches, mentors and referral network will help you get there—fast and stress free. Our career success team works with everyone individually to make sure they are able to make the transition with confidence.

We learn from the best.

Top founders, investors and startup business leaders teach at Stoa.
Nithin Kamath
Richa Kar
Ajay Bohora
HDFC Credilla
Gagan Biyani
Ankur Warikoo
Raveen Sastry

Curriculum & Time Commitment


month program


every week


live sessions

We've delivered on our promises.

"Be it the community, the business frameworks or exposure to opportunities, Stoa has given me more than what I had hoped for. I had heard that transitioning into start-up roles when you're from a non-tech background can be an uphill climb, but the team at Stoa made it so easy. Grateful!"

Rajul Jain, HSBC to Clarisights

"Learning with Stoa School was an absolute game-changer for my career. They not only gave me business education but also helped me break into a growth and communication role at a growing fintech startup & get a 3x raise in salary."

Ankit Ruparel, L&T InfoTech to WintWealth

"Stoa helped me correct a lot of mistakes I was making earlier. I got clarity on how to launch my own side project, create go-to-market strategies & solve business problems from first principles thinking."

Shraddha Joshi, Performics to Raise

"I was hesitant to join Stoa as MBA is usually tough but I'm grateful that Stoa simplified things. Now, I'm applying frameworks and principles that I learned at Stoa to grow my startup faster."

Ishaan Shrivastava, McKinsey to xyzzy

"I was hesitant to join Stoa as MBA is usually tough but I'm grateful that Stoa simplified things. Now, I'm applying frameworks and principles that I learned at Stoa to grow my startup faster."

Tanvi Raut Dessai, founded

"Before Stoa School, I was in my comfort zone with a consulting job at Infosys. I am glad that Stoa School got me out of my comfort zone and helped me move to a product marketing role…with double the salary! The RoI I got from Stoa is crazy! "

Shobhit Tyagi, Infosys to

"Stoa gets you through the front door and gives you the extra push that you need. I was able to do a double shift - from a software engineering role in a financial services company to a product role in an edtech startup."

Rahul Ranganathan, Citi to Flashprep
Cohort 5 starts January 8th, 2022

Admissions open on October 11th, 2021

There is a reason why many Stoa fellows call StoaMBA their best investment yet.
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